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The INCANA grout is a professional mortar which can be used to fill the 4-20mm joints between the INCANA decorative stone plates laid on walls and floors. The use of high quality components, namely, high grade cements, mineral powder and resins allows for the application of the grout both inside and outside of the buildings in either moisture or dry conditions. The INCANA grout is characterized by the excellent strength and adherence as well as good exploitation parameters such as resistance to scratches and cracking.
Mortar and surface preparation:
Gradually pour the entire content of the bag into the previously measured amount of water (0.9-1.0 l / 5 kg of powder) and mix until the mixture is homogenous. The product is now ready to use. The INCANA grout is best for use after 5 minutes and after remixing.. Since the grout was mixed with water its pot life is 2 hours (at the temperature of +23ºC and 50% relative humidity). The INCANA grout should be applied after the decorative stone plates were permanently fixed to the surface and the glue is dried and solid.
Directions of use:
The INCANA grout can be applied according to the two following methods:

•    Using the bag – place the prepared mortar in the plastic bag (similar to the pastry bag). Cut off the tip of the bag and depress it in order to place the grout in between the stone plates.
•    Using the rubber float – place the grout evenly between the stone plates.
The excess of the grout should be removed from the plate’s surface by means of clean, lightly wetted sponge and spatula with sponge. The newly laid joints should not be wetted extensively due to the risk of rinsing of the colorants or washout of the grout. Partially set grout can be gently smoothed by means of the grout float or a paintbrush.
The mortar should be transported and stored in tightly closed packages, in dry conditions. Protect against moisture. When stored in the original packaging the shelf life is 12 months from the manufacture date on the packaging.

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